A detailed plan for the Seahawks offseason post-Geno Smith extension

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Move 3: Seahawks should re-sign Bobby Wagner

After the awkward “mutual parting of ways” with the Rams after signing a massive deal last season, it took about 5 seconds before Seahawk fans began to argue over whether Wagner will or should return to Seattle. While this type of move is very different from the previous ascending player deals, I think there’s an avenue where this could be a good deal for Seattle.

Wagner is a legend, and he put up some monster stats in 2022. The second-team All-Pro played in all 17 games, amassing 140 tackles, 6 sacks, and 2 interceptions. He hit the QB 10 times, which is a really good amount for a middle linebacker. He looked healthy and put up stats, but there’s still some concern with his game.

The Rams sucked, so he wasn’t always put in the spotlight, but this version of Wagner is not the same guy that could shut down the short passing game, or not get cooked in the middle of the field in pass coverage. He was too expensive for his level of production after 2020 and 2021, but at a much lower salary, and in a more specific role, Wagner could be great and exactly what Seattle needs.

It’s pretty clear Wagner is interested in returning, and Wagner could be a perfect early season stop gap to allow Jordyn Brooks time to get ready and not rush back. With Brooks back in the fold, Wagner can still be a pro bowl caliber linebacker in the rush defense, as well as getting after the quarterback. With the addition of Brooks, one or two linebackers drafted to learn from Wagner, and using Wagner in a hybrid role and not as your main linebacker, could be a really fun weapon for DC Clint Hurtt, while also adding major leadership to a Seahawks defense that desperately needs it.

It’ll be a beautiful sight to see him back in a Seahawks jersey, and a proper send-off having Wagner help Seattle take the next step.

Contract: 1 year, $8 million ($5 mil cap hit)

With the additions of Zach Allen, Arden Key, and Bobby Wagner, you can very easily see a defense that went 25th in scoring in 2022, that can reach the middle of the league in scoring defense. From a financial standpoint, the Seahawks are left with around $9.2 million in cap space, which is just enough needed for the draft. I do want to make a note that in this scenario, we still have the ability to restructure two players’ contracts to clear more cap space. Restructuring both safeties in Jamal Adams and Quandre could potentially add around $15 million or so in cap space. This is not really John Schneider’s style, but it is an option if they truly want to go all in in 2023.