Grading every Seahawks 2023 free agent signing so far

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Seahawks re-sign quarterback Geno Smith

Every new item we learn about Geno Smith’s new contract with the Seahawks makes the deal even better. First of all, signing Smith was the right thing to do as he was much better than expected in 2022 and the traits he showed this past season to make him good are repeatable. His accuracy was no joke. Most of his throws were right where they had to be.

And while Smith still could make better decisions on when to take off and run and when not to throw into traffic, some have taken one thing for granted when it comes to Smith. While he was a long-term backup, he didn’t play much for six seasons. A player can practice as much as they want but until they play in live action, you never truly know how a player is going to do. Basically, with a year as a full-time starter under his belt, Smith could be even better in 2023.

Smith is also well-respected in the locker room, likely more so than when Russell Wilson was with Seattle. Smith’s teammates clearly want to play for him and that elevates the entire team. Plus, on a young roster, Smith’s experience as a backup and a starter will be valuable in helping teach the young guys.

Grade: A+

But the contract was structured in a way that is near-genius. Smith is on a three-year deal worth a maximum of $105 million. But his cap hit in 2023 is only $10.1 million which is extremely low for a veteran quarterback. This allows the Seahawks to sign other needed players in free agency. And if Geno doesn’t work out as well in 2023, Seattle left themselves an out of just $17.4 million in 2024.

Seahawks re-sign Drew Lock

Seattle also re-signed backup Drew Lock. This is important as Lock knows Seattle’s system after backing up Geno Smith in 2022. Lock didn’t play a single snap last year because Geno stayed healthy, so if he does need to enter a game in 2023, he could be rusty. His one-year deal will pay him what appears to be a $4 million base with a max of $7.5 million.

Grade: C