Seahawks players react to news of Bobby Wagner returning

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

Linebacker Bobby Wagner is back with the Seattle Seahawks. While 12s are probably excited about the news, so are a couple of current players. And 12s and current Seattle players should be excited. Wagner is still very good and should help make Seattle’s defense better in 2023 than last season.

Wagner and Seattle agreed to a one-year deal worth $7 million. It is unknown how much his cap hit will be, however. Whatever the number, Seattle’s defense should have better on-field communication with Wagner on the field and much better tackling.

It says quite a bit that the return of Wagner wasn’t broken first by a sports reporter. That kind of shows how much mutual respect players have for Wagner and them in return. And the player who reported Wagner’s signing, Quandre Diggs, couldn’t stop his excitement.

A couple of Seahawks are excited to have Bobby Wagner back

This was the tweet that broke the Seahawks’ world. Prior to Adam Schefter or Ian Rapoport reporting that Wagner was returning, Diggs did. Diggs has been rooting for Wagner to return for some time and now he has his wish.

See! Diggs wasn’t just happy to tweet the news, he was simply happy to have Wagner return. Diggs knows how much Wagner is going to help Seattle’s defense be better which should translate to more wins for Seattle.

Receiver Tyler Lockett also expressed his excitement over the Wagner coming back to Seattle. Lockett didn’t just retweet Diggs’ news but added the double exclamation points as well. Having Wagner back simply makes the team feel more whole.

Wagner confirmed all the reports that he was returning the Seahawks with a tweet of his own. It is important to note that while Wagner is only signed to a one-year deal, the Seahawks will have even more cap room next offseason so if Wagner plays as well as hoped, Seattle could re-sign him. Wagner clearly likes playing in Seattle.

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Will the Seahawks win a Super Bowl because Bobby Wagner is back? Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, but Seattle’s free-agency moves should improve the defense a great deal. If the offense plays as well in 2023 as it did for most of 2022 and the defense is a lot better, Seattle will be a very dangerous team.