3 desirable free agents Seahawks should sign before 2023 NFL draft

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With the 2023 NFL draft approaching and many notable free agents already signed, there are still impactful moves the Seahawks could make before the draft. I realize that Seattle might only have a limited amount of space in adjusted cap room (Seattle is only one of two teams with negative effective cap space currently), but let’s be real. The cap in the NFL is extremely malleable and if a team wants to have cap room, it will.

Adjusted cap space is how much a team already is spending on its roster while also anticipating what it will need to spend on its draft picks. Of course, the draft pick part could change if Seattle decides to trade back in the draft, which is quite likely at some point. Draft picks are slotted for how much they make so a trade-down means the Seahawks spend less.

But I digress and am going to pretend that Seattle has more money to spend in free agency still than it appears they do. Because, really, they do. Re-work a few contracts, like Jamal Adams, and the world is John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s oyster. Capologists make a lot more money than I do for a good reason: They are smarter than I am and good at maths.

Three free agents the Seahawks should still sign

So who is still a free agent that Seattle should entertain signing and that could make the team better in 2023 (and maybe beyond)? There are quite a few to choose from. Free agency has been a little weird in the NFL this offseason as players have been signed but sometimes to contracts less than expected.

And I won’t even get into who Seattle could trade for. Schneider has been very good over the years at adding a key player just before the season starts (my point is that with the draft, free agents that are already signed, and free agents who could still be signed, the Seahawks could be really good next season). That could still happen, but let’s have a bit of fun now for which players that are free to sign anywhere might end up with the Seahawks in the end.