3 desirable free agents Seahawks should sign before 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks should sign cornerback Marcus Peters

The Seahawks might choose to stick with Mike Jackson at the outside corner opposite Tariq Woolen. Jackson is a good tackler, at least. He actually showed flashes of being decent in coverage, but his problem is that he is extremely inconsistent and there is no guarantee he will be very good at all in 2023. As good as Woolen is, it would be nice if Seattle had a top-end corner on the other side as well. I mean, a defense can’t have too much talent.

Peters isn’t as good as he was from 2016 through 2019, but then few players are ever that good. He was crippled with injuries and missed 2021. Through much of 2022, however, he was playing at a good level. He showed he is still capable of being a very good cornerback. Per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Peters graded as a good 69.5 in coverage last season and a very good 78.3 in pass rush so Peters can even surprise on the occasional blitz.

Peters’ market value will be reduced a bunch as well. While still good, he has digressed some and he also is now 30 years old. That scares many teams off so fewer teams will want to spend money on him. Spotract has his market value guessed at $9.8 million a season but this seems extraordinarily high and not accurate.

Peters doesn’t need to be a number 1 corner, though if he plays that way it would be pretty OK too. But if Peters comes in and plays at a high number 2 level while Tariq Woolen is even better in year two, Seattle’s defense isn’t just going to be better than in 2022, it could be among the best in the league. That no team has yet signed Peters might tell you a bit about his market value and Seattle might be the right team to grab him.