Seahawks podcast: What the return of Bobby Wagner means

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On this week’s 12th Man Rising podcast, the guys discuss what it means that the Seattle Seahawks have re-signed linebacker Bobby Wagner. Wagner will be on a one-year deal that pays him up to $7 million. His returning to the team should mean better on-field communication and better tackling.

But how does Seattle work the cap space they have around Wagner’s deal? Which other players might need to be released or contracts re-worked to make room for Wagner? Plus, Seattle still has to pay their 2023 NFL draft picks.

And now that Wagner has been signed, how might this reshape what the Seahawks might do in the draft? A linebacker might still be needed as Wagner is only working on a one-year contract as well as recent signee Devin Bush. Bush and Wagner might simply be placeholders for the next generation of linebackers in Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks podcast: What Bobby Wagner’s return means

There is possibly lots of pretty keen and friendship-building talk throughout the program about other stuff as well. How is the NCAA tournament going?! Or what is the best south Alabama getaway on a budget? Wooden teeth- what’s that? We explain all.

You probably definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are our five favorite books ever. Want us to break it down by genre? No, we can’t do that as we are way too lazy.

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