12 of the most important players on the Seattle Seahawks roster for the 2023 season

  • Geno Smith leads the charge for the new season ahead
  • D.K. Metcalf will only get better in 2023
  • Kenneth Walker is ready for a huge sophomore year
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D.K. Metcalf - WR

Preparing for his fifth season in the NFL, D.K. Metcalf has fully solidified himself within the Seahawks' offense.

Throughout his short career so far, Metcalf has overachieved and defied any and all expectations put on him prior to being drafted. His performance has not only been reliable, as he hasn't missed a single game thus far but it's also been consistent.

He's managed to total over 1,000 yards in two seasons and just barely missed the 1k mark in the other two, which has more significance than just the numbers on paper.

Metcalf was drafted at the perfect time. In 2019, Tyler Lockett had been the main focus for the offense, carrying much of the production on his shoulders alone since Doug Baldwin suffered injuries in his last year in the NFL.

Now that he was added to the roster, he was able to create more opportunities for the offense while also taking some of the weight off Lockett's plate.

Since his rookie season, he's become a strong influence inside the locker room and even revealed he may have overstepped a bit last season due to his eagerness to become a more vocal leader.

With that public acknowledgment, he vowed that the upcoming season would be different, but the respect he's earned from his teammates will surely keep him in the company of the most important voices on the team.