5 2024 first-rounders Seahawks should consider who won't replace Geno Smith

If Seattle decides to not go quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft first round, these five players might be good fits.
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The Seattle Seahawks currently sit at 6-3 with a decent chance (if they play well) of going 7-3 before a rough four-game stretch. Where Seattle picks in the 2024 NFL draft is still unknown, of course. A good guess is that Seattle chooses between picks 18 and 25.

Based on that, the five players that follow could be available in that range. Lots of things could change - and will - before the draft depending on injuries and how players do at pro day and at the combine, but based on Seattle's potential needs these players would be good fits. And no, there are no quarterbacks involved.

Seattle might very well take a quarterback with their first choice in the 2024 draft, but at pick 18 or after the Seahawks are unlikely to get one of the best three QBs available. More realistic, Seattle goes in a different direction. If that happens, one of these five guys might be wearing a Seattle uniform in Week 1 next season.

Seattle Seahawks could choose safety Kamren Kinchens, Miami

The Seattle Seahawks are going to have to make some decisions at safety next offseason. The team currently has Julian Love, Jamal Adams, and Quandre Diggs and together they will account for $56,279,166. That is far too much. Diggs hasn't had a great season, unfortunately, and if Seattle released him they would save $11 million. His contract might need to be reworked whether he is released or not.

Diggs is also going to be 31 years old. Not ancient for a human being, but for a free safety who is expected to cover a lot of ground quickly, that age starts to get a little worrisome. Miami's Kamren Kinchens is able to skate through the deep middle with ease. Kinchens also knows how to take the ball away. He has 10 interceptions combined in the last two seasons and has returned 2 picks for touchdowns.

Kinchens is also capable on playing in the box as well and doesn't mind dishing out punishment. He is 5'11" and 200 pounds so he has decent size for a free safety. Depending on how early Seattle chooses in the first round, and how knowing how much Pete Carroll likes his safeties, Kinchens could be Seattle's first pick in 2024.

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