5 2024 first-rounders Seahawks should consider who won't replace Geno Smith

If Seattle decides to not go quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft first round, these five players might be good fits.
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Jared Verse
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Seahawks might choose edge rusher Jared Verse, Florida State

A team cannot have too many edge rushers, right? The Seahawks have a couple of young ones that appear to be potentially very good. Or maybe second-year pro Boye Mafe is already really good. Rookie Derick Hall has already shown he can set a hard edge against the run but he probably needs a full year of what NFL life is like to know how to be great.

Seattle lost Uchenna Nwosu to injury this year, but he will be back and he signed an extension this year for three more seasons. So Nwosu, Mafe, and Hall should form a good trio of edge rushers, but Seattle needs a rotation of four or five. Darrell Taylor is a restricted free agent in 2024, but he stinks against the run and hasn't been as good rushing the passer in 2023. Seattle should just let him go.

Jared Verse has gone from FCS player to Florida State transfer and has made himself into a terrific player. There are zero questions about his work ethic as he seems to live in the weight room (heck, maybe he does; I don't know him personally). He also produces on the field.

In 2022, he had 17 tackles for loss and 9 sacks. His numbers are down a bit this year, but he is drawing a lot more attention. Florida State's rotation is better too so Verse doesn't have to do as much. He definitely has the size to make an impact at 6'4" and 260 pounds.