5 2024 first-rounders Seahawks should consider who won't replace Geno Smith

If Seattle decides to not go quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft first round, these five players might be good fits.
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Bralen Trice
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Seattle could take edge rusher Bralen Trice, Washington

Trice might be around a little longer in the draft than Verse if the Seahawks continue to win games in 2023 and have a mid-20s draft pick. The Washington product is the same size as Verse, but a little faster. What he lacks is a lot of versatility in his pass-rush moves. He is pure speed-to-power, but NFL offensive linemen will be able to adjust to that fairly quickly.

Trice's speed though is impressive so the raw skills are there for him to develop into an excellent pass rusher eventually. He should be able to help against the run immediately, however. He is more like Derick Hall than Boye Mafe at this point. Seattle clearly has a size they like as both Mafe and Hall are pretty close to also being 6'4" and 260 pounds - Mafe is actually that and Hall is just a little lighter.

Trice has saved some of his best football for the latter part of this year. In his past three games, he has 3 tackles for loss and 2 sacks. I point this out because every game Washington plays is more important than the last as the Huskies remain undefeated and are hoping for a college playoff berth. That Trice isn't diminishing under the bright lights of the big games says a lot about his drive on the football field.