5 2024 first-rounders Seahawks should consider who won't replace Geno Smith

If Seattle decides to not go quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft first round, these five players might be good fits.
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Barrett Carter
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Seattle might decide to go with linebacker Barrett Carter, Clemson

As current contracts stand right now, the Seattle Seahawks are in a heap of trouble at linebacker in 2024. Inside linebackers Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, and Devin Bush (Bush, of course, has not played much at all this year due to Brooks and Wagner being good) are all unrestricted free agents. Brooks is the best of the younger linebackers and could command $10 million or more in free agency. If Wagner wants to come back, Seattle should bring him back but that could cost Seattle another $7 million or so.

My point in all that is Seattle might need to add a linebacker in the draft, and Barrett Carter is a pure inside linebacker from Clemson who will have been well-coached in college and has a lot of quickness. Carter is a fantastic athlete who is pretty good in coverage and great against the run. In 2022, for instance, he had 8 passes defended and 10.5 tackles for loss.

Carter is 6'1" and 225 pounds so he will need to add some muscle to hold up to NFL punishment. He is an excellent tackler with good technique, but unless he gains a little size he might not be able to play 17 NFL games yet.

The question about Carter is how well he tests at the NFL combine and how many teams value a linebacker first more than Seattle might. I am assuming he will be great at the combine, but we saw inside linebackers fall in the 2023 draft. If Carter falls to Seattle, he could be a Pro Bowler by year two and a 10 year starter.

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