3 coaches Seahawks should not be giving second head coaching interviews to

Seattle needs to find the answer to who their next head coach is in other places besides these three coaches.
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The Seattle Seahawks are still on the hunt. After interviewing at least eight coaches virtually last week, Seattle is requesting a second interview for this week. At least, according to the NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

To be clear, Pelissero tweeted out on Sunday a list of coaches whom the Seahawks have reportedly requested second interviews with, but he also said more coaches than he listed in his tweet are probably going to be interviewed again as well. In other words, Pelissero's list was great information, but not the entire story.

We might only be one step further to finding out who will replace Pete Carroll. Maybe by the end of this week, we will learn who the new HC is in Seattle. But next week seems more likely at this point.

Three coaches the Seattle Seahawks should not have interviewed a second time

Mike Kafka, New York Giants offensive coordinator

First of all, how much of a shame would it be if Kafka got a head coaching gig before Eric Bieniemy? Kafka and Bieniemy worked together with the Kansas City Chiefs but Bieniemy was the offensive coordinator and Kafka was the passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach. I am just assuming if Kafka gets any whiff at being a HC before Bieniemy that it just means his interview skills are better. That's a sad state to be in for the NFL.

Admittedly, Kafka did not have much to work with in New York this year, but what have the Seahawks seen from him for him to merit getting a second interview with the team? A hire of Kafka to replace Pete Carroll would be extremely underwhelming.

Frank Smith, Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator

Frank Smith has one important person rooting for him and that is his head coach, Mike McDaniel. McDaniel thinks Smith is capable of being a head coach elsewhere, though McDaniel doesn't want Smith to call plays on offense as McDaniel trusts himself more than anyone else, including Smith. McDaniel has that right as Miami has a great offense.

But making a jump from being an offensive coordinator who hasn't called plays to a head coach making all the decisions for his football team seems like too big of a leap for the Seahawks to trust Smith to make. Smith might be a brilliant head coach one day. He just needs to prove himself a bit more.

Patrick Graham, Las Vegas Raiders defensive coordinator

Patrick Graham led the Raiders to a good defensive showing in 2023 and his group finished in the top ten of the league in DVOA. He probably needs yet another year as defensive coordinator to show he can repeat his 2023 performance, though. Graham reminds me a bit of Clint Hurtt as well in that he filled lots of different spots on defensive coaching staffs before getting promoted to DC.

I guess one difference is Graham got his defensive unit to be good and Hurtt could not. Still, I am not sure Graham is ready to be a head coach just yet. I think the Seahawks need someone with head coaching experience.

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