3 factors that could keep the Seattle Seahawks out of the playoffs in 2023

The season has been a greater struggle than many anticipated and here are three reasons why.
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3. Questionable defensive play

The defense has matched the offense in terms of inconsistency in 2023. Seattle, though, hasn't gotten any better in defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt's second year as DC and one would expect with added talent, such as Seattle bringing back Bobby Wagner and drafting Devon Witherspoon, that Seattle would take a leap in 2023. Instead, the team gives up more points this year - 23.6 in 2022 versus 24.2 in 2023.

In 2022, Seattle also had a very good four-game stretch between Weeks 6 and 9 where the defense allowed 329 total yards or fewer, but the defense allowed an average of 361.7 yards a game overall. This year, the Seahawks had a great three-game stretch between Weeks 4 and 7 where Seattle allowed 249 yards or fewer, but they still allow 353.7 yards a game overall. Sure, a bit better, but only by 8 yards and they still rank 25th in the NFL in total yards allowed.

Plus, Seattle hasn't exactly faced a large amount of great offenses. They allowed 418 yards and 31 points to the Detroit Lions in Week 2, 515 yards and 37 points to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9, and 411 total yards and 41 points to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 12. Seattle did give up just 377 yards to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12, but 377 is still much higher than the league average.

Maybe Seattle will be better in 2024, though what would be one's evidence that would occur? Even if Seattle drafted a high-end edge rusher or defensive tackle or safety, there is no guarantee they would succeed in the Seahawks scheme. But for the sake of the next several seasons, we should hope Clint Hurtt finds a way to improve.

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