3 massive changes the Seattle Seahawks must make in the offseason

Seattle must make big changes to make the future better.
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The Seattle Seahawks do not seem to be going to the playoffs in 2023. Sure, they could pull off an early Christmas miracle in the next couple of games, but no one expects that. Seattle will be heavy underdogs in Weeks 14 and 15.

How soon does Seattle start thinking about the offseason? After the team is 6-8? Or not truly until the end of the year?

Plus, what changes should be made? The coaching staff goes away? QB1 is in new hands in 2024? Here are three changes Seattle could make.

Seattle Seahawks need to move away from head coach Pete Carroll

I have always been a fan of head coach Pete Carroll, whether that is him as a coach or how his positivity exudes every fabric of his being. He is not too old to coach, either. The problem is that every coach everywhere, just ask the New England Patriots about Bill Belichick, has a shelf life in one city. Carroll has made it in Seattle longer than most as he is currently in his 14th season as head coach.

The organization just needs a change. They need a new set of eyes to view how the league has changed and adjust to that. Since Carroll became the Seahawks head coach in 2010, the NFC West has seen the hires of Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams and Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers. McVay has basically owned Pete Carroll and has a 10-5 record against Seattle's coach and has two wins this season even though, on paper, Seattle has the better overall roster.

Carroll was pretty good against Shanahan until the beginning of 2022, but the 49ers have basically just destroyed Seattle in four straight meetings with another likely coming up in Week 14. Seattle needs to hire a young, offensive-minded coach to keep up with their division rivals because if you cannot consistently compete in your division, you aren't going to make many runs at the Super Bowl.