3 matchups that could decide Seahawks versus Titans in Week 16

Seattle needs a win in Nashville to continue their playoff push.
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DK Metcalf needs to get the ball a lot

The Titans are 5-9 for a bunch of reasons, of course, but two glaring issues are that they have an atrocious offensive line due to injuries and also poor play, plus Tennessee simply creates no turnovers from their secondary. OK, that's not completely true. Titans DBs have 4 interceptions this season, last in the NFL. Should they continue that low number (and let's hope they don't get an uptick against Seattle), it would be the least amount of interceptions by a team since 2020.

Whoever Seattle's quarterback is, and I am assuming that will be Geno Smith at this point, needs to give DK Metcalf several chances at 50/50 passes. Even if he does not bring them all down, it's unlikely that the Titans catch the ball either. While Seattle has two cornerbacks graded in the top 11 of the league (Mike Jackson is 11 and Devon Witherspoon is 3), per PFF, the highest-graded Titans corner is Roger McCreary at 33 and McCreary is a backup to Sean Murphy-Bunting.

Tennessee plays the majority of their downs in Cover 3, but they also allow 7.5 yards per attempt in that scheme, 18th in the league. Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba could see more targets than Metcalf because Cover 3 is designed to attempt to limit explosive plays. But Metcalf only needs a couple of splash plays to affect the outcome in Week 16.

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