3 offensive coordinators new Seahawks HC should target to replace Shane Waldron

These three coaches should diversify Seattle's offense and get the best out of the players Seattle currently has.
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Jerrod Johnson would be an excellent OC in Seattle

Johnson making a leap to offensive coordinator might be too quick of one as he has only been coaching in the NFL since 2020 and onyl two seasons when he was not an offensive quality control coach. But he quickly moved to quarterbacks coach for the Houston Texans this year and he did an amazing job getting rookie C.J. Stroud to not only be efficient, but near elite in his first season.

Besides, Johnson played for a number of years in the NFL so it's not like he is completely new to the league. He appears to have been able to transition the knowledge he picked up by playing and transposing that into teaching others what is needed. Whatever magic he worked with Stroud this year is going to get Johnson promoted to OC sooner rather than later.

That sooner should be with the Seahawks. The Texans offense was designed to acclimate players quickly and then expand as the season wore on. This means Johnson knows how to help start with an easy but still productive scheme and then add to it as games go by but getting player buy-in while expanding the offense.

Plus, if Seattle decides to move on from Geno Smith either this year or next, Johnson would already have experience getting a rookie quarterback up to speed quickly. Maybe Stroud is a great enough player to be able to adapt quickly, but he only was able to be as successful as he was this season with the help of Johnson.

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