3 perfect prospects the Seahawks could trade up to No. 9 to grab in 2024 NFL draft

Seattle could move up in the draft to take one of these three immediately impactful players.
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Seattle could choose offensive tackle Joe Alt

If Seahawks right tackle Abe Lucas was healthy, Seattle likely would not think of taking Alt. The key here is there is no proof that Lucas will ever be healthy enough to play majority of seasons or for many seasons at all. He has already had surgery this offseason on his knee that Pete Carroll told 12s last year was a "chronic" issue. Chronic being the key there because even if Lucas has surgery there is no guarantee the problem goes away.

Lucas appears to have been struggling with the injury since college and he missed 10 games this year. The question the Seahawks have to ask themselves is whether they think they can count on Lucas to be active and healthy for the next two years. That is what Lucas has on his contract after he was taken in the third round of the 2022 NFL draft. If Seattle doesn't think Lucas will be consistently healthy, he needs to be replaced.

Joe Alt can play either left or right tackle and he can be a Week 1 starter for Seattle. If the Seahawks were to draft him, Seattle would have two first-round choices starting at both offensive tackle spots. Charles Cross has been solid and improving at left tackle. Alt would be a long-term high-end starter on the right side.

Alt is a massive human at 6'8" and 325 pounds. He started a ton of games at Notre Dame and is still only 21 years old. He isn't just big, though. Alt is extremely athletic for his size and quick on his feet. Even if Lucas was healthy, Alt would be an upgrade, but Lucas's questionable health might make him replaceable. Many mock drafts have Alt being available at pick number 9.