3 players the Seattle Seahawks (probably) regret not drafting in 2023

After the first round, Seattle might want a re-do of their 2023 draft picks.
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Player No. 2

Keeanu Benton - Defensive lineman

Drafted by: Pittsburgh Steelers (Second round, pick No. 49)

Theoretically, instead of taking Hall and Charbonnet in the second round, the Seahawks could have taken Tuipulotu and Keeanu Benton. Seattle knew that they had a defensive line need heading into the 2023 draft but did not address that concern until the fourth round when they chose Cam Young. How different would Seattle's defense have been with Tuipulotu and Benton?

Benton was good against the run, but not great. Overall, however, he was the 20th-highest-graded interior defensive lineman in the league, according to PFF. Benton probably is only scratching at the surface of how good he will truly be. He has fantastic size, which Seattle seemed to have missed, and will be even stronger next year. He played 484 snaps and had 22 total pressures but appeared to get better as the season grew old.

5 of Benton's pressures came in the final three games. He also missed just one tackle attempt after Week 9. Tackling was a huge issue for the Seahawks in 2023 and Benton would have been part of a rotation that would have performed much better. Benton was not a Pro Bowl player, but as Seattle's run defense was so porous, it might not be a reach to say Benton might have allowed Seattle to win one more game which would have put the team into the playoffs.