3 reasons why the best is yet to come for Geno Smith with the Seattle Seahawks

It's the Geno Smith era in Seattle, and the quarterback is just getting started!
Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith
Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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The city of Seattle is energized for football again

By no means were Seattle Seahawks fans hiding out or not showing up for their team in recent years. But the passion and energy felt throughout last season are the most telling things about the projection of a football team in the years to come.

With success comes a lot of happiness and support from the fans; that's true for any team. But when said team is going through a massive change to their team, success can be challenging to come by. That is also true with the Seahawks, even though it has only been two seasons of underwhelming performance.

Last season proved to be the reason for patience and belief in your favorite team and is a big reason for an uprise of energy within the fanbase.

Much of that can be placed on the shoulders of Geno Smith himself, whose story and desire to be the quarterback for a team in the NFL hit a lot of emotions for fans around the league. It was easy to support a team led by him and his teammates, all fighting for the same thing.

Heading into the upcoming season, the enthusiasm from the fans will undoubtedly be a story in each game, like it has been in years past. And that energy will uplift the team in their pursuit of more success in 2023.

The 12s will be seen and heard, and we all know how vital that can be for the team at Lumen Field.