Addition by subtraction: 3 Seahawks who should be benched for rest of the season

Three defensive changes might allow Seattle to make the postseason.

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If you are just waking up and have not done anything but roll over and look to see what 12th Man Rising has posted about the Seattle Seahawks Week 15 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, a couple of things. First, thank you and we are not worthy. Secondly, you are likely late for work.

You might also think judging from the headline of this article that even though Seattle won to keep their playoff hopes alive that this article is negative in scope. But that would be wrong. This is really about getting rid of some negativity and replace that with positivity. In other words, much like Seattle did before the game against the Eagles.

If Seattle goes on to make the playoffs, maybe they will lose in their first game. But they proved in Week 15 that they might have a puncher's chance against anyone. Plus, how many of us thought for much of the second half Seattle was going to find a way to win, saving their season and maybe even Pete Carroll's job? But three players' jobs should now be in jeopardy because of what happened on Monday Night Football.

Seattle Seahawks should bench safety Jamal Adams

For weeks now, Jamal Adams has been a siphon for the Seahawks' defense. He is atrocious in coverage and somehow seemingly getting worse in that area. He also seems to gum up the works on the back end of the defense as his fellow safeties have to try to make up for his coverage deficiencies. Adams wants to bite hard and attack the line of scrimmage on run plays and on blitzes, and that is great for a player who isn't truly a strong safety and one who hasn't lost the explosiveness Adams once had.

But against a good Eagles offense, and one that is excellent in completing passes over the middle or getting quarterback Jalen Hurts out running in space, Seattle's safeties simply seemed more understanding of how to play. Julian Love and Quandre Diggs got to cut out some of the extra thinking they have to do when Adams is in the game because Love and Diggs better understood that the other players in the secondary would actually stick to their assignments.

Do we really think Julian Love gets those 2 interceptions if Adams is playing? Love is probably looking around the field wondering what Adams is doing instead of being able to focus on the receiver. The on-field communication appeared much better between Love and Diggs, too. Cutting out the Adams chaos and simplifying the defense worked well in Week 15 and should continue the rest of the season.

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