3 Seattle Seahawks who should be embarrassed by Thanksgiving performance vs. 49ers

Seattle fell to 6-5 with a loss to San Francisco in Week 12.

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This is what we expected after the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9, right? The logical thought was that when Seattle went up against another team with excellent balance, they would not come close to winning. The 49ers have that kind of balance and they wiped away any hopes of a Seattle victory early in the game.

Seattle lost 31-13 after falling behind 24-3 at halftime. Seattle attempted to make a bit of a comeback but never made the game closer than two scores. The Seahawks had one good quarter in Week 12 and that is nowhere near good enough to beat a good team.

Seattle now potentially faces three more games in a row that look a lot like what happened on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys haven't won by less than 20 points at home all season. Seattle faces the 49ers again but in San Francisco, and then Seattle has to host the Philadelphia Eagles. This might be the ugliest month of football for Seattle in years. But here are three Seahawks that deserve a lot of blame for Week 12.

Seattle Seahawks embarrassment No. 1 - Head coach Pete Carroll

I like Pete Carroll and he has been consistently successful since he arrived in Seattle in 2010. But his teams simply have not gotten blown out as consistently as they have in 2023. Seattle began the season with a 30-13 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at home, lost to the Ravens in Week 9 37-3, and then suffered an 18-point loss to the 49ers on Thanksgiving.

Seattle also has tendancies that are not getting fixed and every team that faces the Seahawks knows what they are. Need to pick up a chunk of yards on second-or-third-and-long? There is very likely a huge opening in the middle of the field as Seattle settles into zone. Offensively, play press coverage on the receivers and bull rush up the middle; Your team will get several sacks by doing that simple thing.

But Carroll just doesn't have his teams prepared to play this year overall. Seattle starts slowly offensive and defensively and then does a bit better for short stretches in the second half. I realize Carroll works with his coordinators to come up with a game plan early in the week and then lets his coordinators work with their specific units the rest of the week, but that is no longer an idea that works. Carroll needs to change up what he is doing and have his coordinators change some tendencies or the coaching staff needs an overall.