3 significant questions for Seattle Seahawks at running back

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Can Zach Charbonnet be the ideal tandem back?

The Seahawks came into the 2023 NFL Draft looking woefully thin in the backfield, so it wasn't surprising to see them utilize a couple of selections on depth and talent to shore up things, especially with the use of the second-round pick at No. 52 overall on Zach Charbonnet out of UCLA.

Charbonnet was a favorite for draft analysts after such a productive career for the Bruins, especially as a monster in the end zone, and his skill set is exactly what the Seahawks needed coming into the offseason, especially after watching the depth chart take shape after free agency.

Walker deserves all of the praise that we've already thrown his way but that doesn't mean he's without his limitations. He's dealt with injuries, isn't the best pass catcher, and is going to lose much of the time in any short-yardage situations. While he's a home-run threat in space, the Seahawks will still be lacking that battering ram on offense, and the backfield would have also looked abysmal if further investments weren't made to provide backup help in case something happened to Walker.

This is what makes Charbonnet such a plus asset. He's a very good pass catcher who can run right over defenders and gains momentum when doing so. That physical aspect to his game as a powerful runner is the perfect tandem partner for Walker, on paper, and could open things up out of the backfield even more as both players gain experience.

Charbonnet is going to have to wait his turn for any real amount of touches in an offense with so many mouths to feed, but the skill set he brings to the table was a needed one which should guarantee him some solid looks from the beginning. Together with Walker, there's some real mouth-watering potential in this backfield if Seattle's line can simply lead the way.