4 biggest strengths of the Seattle Seahawks entering the 2023 season

  • The Seahawks nailed free agency
  • We have yet to see the best of Geno Smith
  • Momentum of last season will continue in 2023

Seattle Seahawks
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Top two draft picks will make a tremendous impact early

One of the best-case scenarios for the Seahawks while preparing for the 2023 NFL draft was being one of few teams in the league to have multiple first-round selections.

When you're a team in the middle of a rebuild/retooling, having the opportunity to grab two of the best available players in round one is a complete blessing, and the Seahawks accomplished that easily.

By now, you know that with the fifth overall pick, Devon Witherspoon was picked by Seattle to become the first cornerback off the board on night one. As one of the highest ranked at the position of the class, Witherspoon's talent will make him an automatic starter and likely an immediate playmaker, bolstering an already impressive defense.

For their next pick of round one, the Seahawks went to the opposite side of the football and chose the top wide receiver prospect of the draft, Ohio State's Jaxon Smtih-Njigba, shockingly making him the first receiver taken in the round.

The rookie receiver is set to join the talented duo of D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett and will likely see a lot of action right out of the gate. The trio could become a dynamic offensive attack for Geno Smith to work with and opposing defenses to fear, especially with Metcalf's size, Lockett's aloofness, and Smith-Njigba's speed.