4 biggest strengths of the Seattle Seahawks entering the 2023 season

  • The Seahawks nailed free agency
  • We have yet to see the best of Geno Smith
  • Momentum of last season will continue in 2023

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Geno Smith has a successful season to build upon

When the Russell Wilson trade was first completed, most thought Drew Lock would become the new starting quarterback, as he was one of the players sent to the Seahawks in return.

The initial thought of the young quarterback stepping into Wilson's shoes wasn't all that exciting and didn't get much better when Geno Smith was signed to the team a month later.

But much of that changed throughout the course of the season; through the highs and lows, Smith won the fans over, especially as the year ended dramatically to earn the final spot in the playoffs.

Smith's ability to quickly become a passionate leader for the team did not go unnoticed. If anything, it worked to their benefit, especially after the mixed emotions surrounding Russell Wilson's leadership throughout his tenure in Seattle.

The quarterback won over the team and fans despite the tough loss to end the 2022 season.

With an entire season with the Seahawks under his belt, a contract extension keeping him in the Pacific Northwest for the next three years, and offseason additions that will only make the upcoming season smoother, Smith has a solid foundation to build upon as he continues his career in Seattle.