4 biggest strengths of the Seattle Seahawks entering the 2023 season

  • The Seahawks nailed free agency
  • We have yet to see the best of Geno Smith
  • Momentum of last season will continue in 2023
Seattle Seahawks
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They are one of the most well-rounded teams in the NFC

Despite playing in a difficult division and ending the year with a 9-8 record, the Seahawks made the postseason for the first time in two years.

Fortunately, the division has seen quite a facelift in the months since the 2022 season ended, but Seattle has made the most needed improvements to their roster that will likely help maintain its position as a playoff-contending team in the season ahead.

From selecting some of the best players at their position in the draft earlier this year to addressing all sides of the roster in free agency, the Seahawks did their due diligence to become a well-rounded team this spring.

When looking at the division, only the San Francisco 49ers appear to be the strongest competition, even with question marks at quarterback. The Cardinals and Rams are undergoing significant changes with their coaching staff or rosters, with even more considerable uncertainties regarding their quarterbacks.

Looking at the NFC conference fares similar results, as the Eagles are atop the list of most well-rounded teams overall. Other than the reigning NFC Champions, though, the conference has several teams undergoing drastic changes to their franchises from just one year ago.

This works in the Seahawks' favor, especially as they enter the upcoming season, ready to build upon all they accomplished last year.

Now should be the time to take advantage of the ideal scenario they find themselves in.