4 mistakes Seattle Seahawks cannot afford to make in 2024

Seattle faces an uncertain offseason and these four things could make it go completely awry.
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Seahawks should not draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL draft

Geno Smith is not the best quarterback in the NFL, but he certainly is not the worst. He needs to be more consistent over the course of an entire season, and even though he was not as good as in 2022 when he led the league in completion percentage and the NFC in touchdown passes, Smith still finished 14th in total QBR and had a touchdown pass to interception ratio of 20:9. Seattle might not have made the postseason this season but is a knee-jerk reaction - and frankly, wrong - to blame quarterback play on that.

In fact, Smith led the NFL in game-winning drives (5) and fourth-quarter comebacks (4). The argument can easily be made that if Seattle did not have Geno Smith the team would have been a couple of games worse this year. The team should continue to build around the quarterback for at least another year and give Smith a better defense and a better offensive line and see how things go.

If Seattle is going to take a quarterback they could wait until the third round. The only problem with that is that this year's quarterback class is extremely top heavy with five or six quarterbacks capable of going by early in the second round and then nearly every other quarterback being closer to a fourth round pick or beyond.

The Seahawks should probably choose a defensive lineman such as Jer'Zhan Newton or an offensive lineman such as Troy Fautanu first. Both would fit greater positions of need for Seattle than quarterback. Unless Newton can play defensive tackle plus quarterback and then the Seahawks would draft a two-for. (I am joking, of course.)