4 mistakes Seattle Seahawks cannot afford to make in 2024

Seattle faces an uncertain offseason and these four things could make it go completely awry.

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Seahawks cannot keep Jamal Adams on the roster moving forward

Like Lockett, releasing Jamal Adams with a post-June 1 designation would save the Seahawks a lot of money. $16.5 million, in fact. A release prior to June 1 would still save the team $6,083,332. There would be $20,833,334 in dead cap, but at least with Adams gone that would open up a roster spot for someone more likely to stay healthy.

But the biggest reason Adams needs to be gone is that he appears to have stopped being a team-first player in 2023, even if he truly was before that. This season, Adams screamed at an independent neurotrauma doctor after the doctor diagnosed him with a concussion in Week 4, Adams's first game back after missing every game since Week 1 of the 2022 season, and while at the time one might have thought Adams was acting out because of the brain injury, he later said he was not sorry for the incident.

Adams also got into a social media scuffle with a New York Jets reporter where Adams posted a photo of the reporter's wife with a slanderous remark. Classless.

Ahead of Week 15, though, Adams either left the stadium or simply stayed home after being informed he would not be playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. Not being there for one's teammates is one of the worst things a person can do on a team. Adams cared more about himself and his hurt feelings than the team.

A new coach should not want Jamal Adams' veteran voice to be one of the louder ones in the locker room of an otherwise young roster. Adams is not the kind of leader any team needs.

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