4 players who could be playing their final four games with the Seattle Seahawks

Which four players shouldn't come back to Seattle in 2024?

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No. 2 - Safety Jamal Adams

Unlike Geno Smith, Jamal Adams has been fairly awful on and off the field in 2023. Adams is graded 75th among safeties this year, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). PFF only has 91 safeties ranked who meet minimum snap counts. This means Adams is in the bottom quarter of NFL safeties, though he has a cap hit of $11,496,666 in 2023 with a cap hit that jumps to $26,916,666 in 2024 and is even higher in 2025.

We always knew Adams was bad in coverage. Plus, he cannot catch when an errant pass actually hits him in the chest. This happened many times in 2020 when Adams dropped at least 3 potential picks that literally hit him in the facemask or the chest. Safeties need to create turnovers in other ways than rushing the quarterback and hoping the QB fumbles.

In 2023, Adams has a passer rating allowed of 94.6, the second-highest of Adams' career. He has allowed 24 of the 30 passes tossed his way to be completed. Against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 14, Adams was targeted 3 times and allowed 2 to be completed for 79 yards and a bad touchdown where he simply got toasted by 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel (Adams also missed three tackles). Adams will continue to allow those types of play to happen because he simply is not good in coverage.

Adams' unique gift has always been pressuring the line of scrimmage and while he does have 7 tackles for loss - second on the team - he has only 2 quarterback hits, no sacks, and he is missing a career-high 12.7 percent of his tackles. The Seahawks oddly reworked Adams' deal before the 2023 season which made his dead cap number go higher. Still, should Seattle release Adams before 2024, the team would save a little over $6 million.