4 Seattle Seahawks impending free agents who need to be brought back

Seahawks GM John Schneider faces tough decisions in free agency this year.

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Free agent No. 2 - Seahawks must re-sign G Damien Lewis

The Seahawks need to re-sign Damien Lewis this offseason because otherwise, they could only have Anthony Bradford as the only guard left on their roster. Seattle has three interior linemen who are set to be free agents this offseason. Lewis is one of those three interior linemen and he has made 32 of 34 possible starts over the past two seasons for the Seahawks. The other two interior linemen are Evan Brown and Phil Haynes.

Should Brown and Haynes leave in free agency, that leaves just Olu Oluwatimi (who is listed at center) and Anthony Bradford, as the only other interior lineman. This is why re-signing Lewis is crucial to the Seahawks' plans moving forward. The Seahawks also might not need to use a ton of draft capital on guards in this year's draft if they retain Lewis. In his four seasons with the Seahawks, Lewis has proven he is a durable and effective starting guard for Seattle.

Lewis is an important piece to the Seahawks' offensive line and likely will not be as expensive as the other free agent options at the position. While the Seahawks could try to find a replacement for him in either the draft or free agency, staying with a guy they know is the better option here. Which is why John Schneider needs to bring Damien Lewis back to Seattle this off-season.