4 Seattle Seahawks players whose career went awry in 2023

Three of these four players are still capable of being very good.
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Seattle edge rusher Derick Hall was so bad in his rookie year

I am definitely not one to give up on a player so easily. Plus, being a rookie in the NFL is tough and a player can take a year or two to acclimate to the speed and power of the league. But that usually happens after a player has done something to show they are worthy of holding down a roster spot moving forward. In 2023, Derick Hall wasn't just bad, but brutally awful.

According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Hall was the second-worst edge rushers in the NFL. He was the worst in terms of run support. The problem was that run defense was supposed to be something that Hall could help the Seahawks with immediately. He was supposed to have the strength and size entering the league to have an impact there. Hall was supposed to just be a little raw in terms of pass rush skill.

But for most of the season, Hall looked completely lost, at times appearing to have never played organized football before. He lined up oddly, did not react well to what offenses were doing, and was just a warm body to have on the field while the rest of the defense underperformed as well. Hall should have taken the year off not because he was hurt but because he needed to learn how to be an NFL player.

In his rookie season, Hall had zero sacks, just 4 quarterback hits, 10 run stops, and made no other recordable impact. My hope is that after a year of learning to be a pro, Hall will have a breakout second season. But that might be like going from 0 to 60 in two seconds. Hall might not ever be productive or at least not until 2025.