4 Seattle Seahawks who robbed the team blind in 2023

Seattle has a real chance of finishing the season on a 3-7 run.
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No. 3 - Edge rusher Darrell Taylor

Darrell Taylor is still on his rookie deal and he only has a cap hit of $2,152,343. But that's about $2,152,343 too much. Taylor is set to be a restricted free agent in 2024 due to him missing his rookie year with a leg injury. If Seattle brings Taylor back, which is likely, they shouldn't pay him very much. He is a one-trick pony but he isn't consistently very good at that one trick.

Taylor has 20.5 sacks in his three years over 48 games. Those sacks have happened over 19 games, but the issue is that Taylor will go long stretches without a sack or making any pass-rush impact at all. In 2021, Taylor went through a stretch of only having 2 sacks in 10 games between Weeks 6 and 17. In 2022 between Weeks 8 and 13, Taylor recorded a statistic in one of four games and that was an assisted tackle. This season, Taylor had zero quarterback hits in his first five games and hasn't had one in the last four games.

Plus, Taylor can only rush the passer consistently well. He is awful against the run. Ideally, he would be a third down edge rusher on obvious passing downs. Maybe Seattle tried to use him that way this season, but Uchenna Nwosu got injured in Week 7 and Taylor had to play more. It's no coincidence that Seattle's run defense has been the worst in the league since Nwosu got hurt.

It should be noted out of fairness that in the last four games, Taylor's snaps have dipped a bit. Likely this is because the Seahawks realized Taylor was incapable of truly helping much. The wise thing would be for Seattle to place a tender on Taylor and see if he signs elsewhere. But the Seahawks should not place a high tender on Taylor because no team is likely to bite on adding Taylor if they have to give up a second-round pick.