4 Seattle Seahawks who should feel guilty about Pete Carroll's departure

Pete Carroll had issues that some people involved with the team could not fix or simply refused to try.
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Jamal Adams should feel guilty about Seattle Seahawks firing Pete Carroll

This is the low-hanging fruit. And this is not because Adams was terrible in coverage once again, failed to provide consistent quarterback pressure once again, and missed more of his tackles this season than almost ever before. All that is true, and while Adams should feel guilty about his play because of all that, that shouldn't be his main reason for having a picture of Pete Carroll in his house and every day passing by that photo and apologizing to Carroll.

There were three off-field issues Adams had this season that gave us an indication that Carroll had lost control of the team. The first was in Week 4 and in Adams' first game back since Week 1 of the 2022 season. Adams suffered a concussion and rightfully was taken off the field, but once confirmed to be concussed, he screamed at the unaffiliated doctor who had diagnosed him while still on the sidelines. Carroll should have had someone run over to Adams and told him to shut up but Carroll simply, and unfortunately, is not that guy.

There was a second off-field issue with Adams that involved in him classlessly tweeting out a photo of a New York Jets reporter's wife in a social media squabble with the reporter. That certainly was not a team-first attitude and that is a mantra Pete Carroll preaches. Adams did not seem to care, though.

Lastly, and the worst offense, is that after learning he would not be playing in Week 15 against the Philadelphia Eagles, instead of staying at the stadium to root for his teammates, Adams simply went home or stayed at home. This appeared to be allowed by Pete Carroll, however. There is no bigger sign a coach has lost his team than having a player decide to go home (or stay home) than to stay or be at the stadium when his team is playing.