4 Seattle Seahawks who should feel guilty about Pete Carroll's departure

Pete Carroll had issues that some people involved with the team could not fix or simply refused to try.
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DK Metcalf should feel guilty about Pete Carroll

First of all, I should say that I like DK Metcalf. Maybe he becomes a different person on the field, but off the field, he is effervescent with a quick smile and does not seem to get into any legal issues. If you knew him during his rookie season, he likely would have shared some of his candy with you, but he appears to have moved on from eating so many sweets.

On the field, though, he had a habit of drawing too many 15-yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness, and others of the same ilk. From 2020 through this season, Metcalf drew more penalities of that kind than any other player and the number is not close. Metcalf simply appears to lose control of himself and opponents know that and try to get Metcalf to react in hopes of getting a flag.

While Metcalf did get better with not costing his team 15 yards on penalties as 2023 drew on, something he said earlier in the year likely proved that Pete Carroll had either lost, or was losing, the team. Clearly, Seahawks management would have noticed Carroll trying to call out, somewhat passive-aggressively, Metcalf for his penalties and Metcalf saying, "So what?"

After Carroll had a meeting with the team that included having players' names with how many penalties they had picked up, Metcalf dismissed the attempt to get his behavior corrected. Metcalf said, "I'm not going to shy away because he put a penalty board on the screen. I'm just going to continue to be me." Ouch.

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