4 Seattle Seahawks who likely wish they could have a re-do on 2023

These players could have had better seasons which likely means the team would have as well.

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The Seattle Seahawks went 9-8 this season but missed the playoffs for the second time in three years. This was enough to have Pete Carroll removed from his head coaching gig. Seattle faces an offseason of question marks that go well beyond finding a new head coach.

Seattle also is over the salary cap heading into the 2024 offseason. The Seahawks will have to release some players to make even enough room to sign their 2024 draft picks. This is an offseason of transition for Seattle that will affect the next few years.

But some Seahawks wish they do the 2023 season over again. If they could they might have been more successful and that probably means the team would have as well. Here are four such players.

Seahawks edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu might wish for a re-do

Nwosu wasn't bad when he played in 2023. His issue was that he got injured on his way to possibly having the best year of his career. Nwosu was injured in Week 7 as the Seahawks were on their way to a 5-2 start to the season and the Seahawks would lead the NFC West after Week 8. But without Nwosu they simply were not the same defense, and therefore, not the same team overall.

Prior to his injury, Nwosu had multiple quarterback pressures in every game. He also had had 13 run stuffs, and there is no question that as much as Seattle missed Nwosu's ability to get to the quarterback after he was lost for the season, the team missed his ability to help in run support much more. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Nwosu graded higher in run defense than he did in pass rush through the first six games of 2023.

Nwosu was on pace for 17 quarterback hits, 6 sacks, and 11 tackles for loss this season before his injury. Both the QB hits and tackles for loss would have led the team. As much as Nwosu likely wishes he had not gotten hurt and was on his way to a productive season, the Seahawks likely wish even more he had not gotten hurt because the defense crumbled without him.