4 Seattle Seahawks who likely wish they could have a re-do on 2023

These players could have had better seasons which likely means the team would have as well.
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Seattle quarterback Geno Smith

Smith started the season not quite as efficient as he was during most of 2022. He wasn't awful, but he did go through a stretch of games where he had far too many turnovers. Was this due to Smith feeling like he needed to overcome a faulty defense and that he needed to force a few too many passes? Possibly. But even so, the bad rap that Smith got that he wasn't very good was likely false.

Smith finished with just 9 interceptions and an interception percentage of 1.8 which tied for 10th-best in the league. Smith also led the NFL in game-winning drives with 5 and tied for the league lead in fourth quarter comebacks with 4. So hate, if you must, but the fact is that had Seattle had almost any other quarterback in the NFL they would not have won as many games as they did with Geno Smith.

But Smith still got injured and missed two full games and parts of a third. While he was out, Seattle went 1-1 and they likely would not have won the one he lost had he played. But Smith's number would have probably looked better. If Smith had played the two games he missed he would have likely thrown 3 more touchdown passes (he averaged 1.3 touchdown passes in the games he did play) which means Smith could have finished with 23 touchdown passes in 2023 and this would have been 13th in the league.

2023 was a weird year for quarterbacks as no one came close to 40 touchdown passes or 5,000 passing yards. Maybe Smith's numbers were'nt as efficient as in 2022 but the entire league was depressed. Smith is good enough to keep around and help the team keep winning games.,