4 seriously underappreciated players in Seattle Seahawks history

  • Tyler Lockett was a beast
  • No, not him, but Curt Warner was solid
  • Jacob Green was an 80s powerhouse
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Jacob Green

Let's stay here in the 1980s because just as Warren was an offensive spark for the team as they entered their first seasons of double-digit victories and franchise-defining seasons, Jacob Green was providing the defensive push as an early leader through the '80s (and then some).

Looking back at Green's body of work, it's incredible that he's not more of a household name among NFL fans. Those who know will undoubtedly remember Green's ability to get after the passer, but for a guy who is still No. 32 all-time on the NFL sack list with 115.5, he's hardly a known commodity outside of Seattle.

Even when Green put up a career-high 16 sacks back in 1983, he failed to make the Pro Bowl. In fact, the same could be said of when he turned in 12 sacks in 1981, 10 sacks in '84, and 10 more in '85. Yes, that's right, Green put up 63.5 sacks in his first six seasons without a single Pro Bowl nod coming his way. It wasn't until back-to-back showings in '86 and '87 that he finally received his due from the league.

Overall, Green averaged nearly 10 sacks per year for 12 seasons with the Seahawks—an incredible return even on a first-round pick from the 1980 NFL Draft. For a guy who has 42 more sacks than the next fella on the Seahawks' all-time sack list (Michael Sinclair), Green should be a regularly referenced pass rusher.