5 best Seattle Seahawks newcomers of 2023

Seattle can thank these five new Seahawks for helping get to 8-7 in 2023.

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No. 2 - Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Since being traded to Seattle ahead of Week 9, Williams has been freakishly good for the Seahawks. He is a free agent after this season and is a must for Seattle to re-sign at this point. In six of eight games for Seattle, Williams has multiple hurries and has 25 total pressures in the eight games. He also has 3 sacks and hasn't missed a tackle attempt since Week 10. He is going to be expensive to re-sign but that is only because he is really good and young enough - Williams is 29 years old - to be productive for several more seasons.

Plus, surely Seattle did not trade for Williams simply thinking he would be a half-season rental. Williams is one of the better defensive lineman in the league. Seattle needs to make him an offer this coming offseason that proves they know that.

No. 3 - Defensive lineman Mario Edwards, Jr.

Edwards might not be back with Seattle in 2024 after he signed a one-year deal this past offseason. But he needs to be. Like Williams, Edwards is also 29 years old, and has bounced around the league a bunch, but uses his veteran experience and veteran know-how to be productive. He was also signed to be a run-stopper but has shown to be a better pass rusher than expected.

In 2023, Edwards has 13 run stuffs plus 22 total pressures. While he has fewer quarterback hits (6) compared to what he had in 2022 with the Tennessee Titans (11), his number of QB hits is about where his career average is. He also has a career second-best of 5 tackles for loss. Edward was not expensive to sign this offseason (less than $2 million) and should be brought back in 2024.