5 coaches who should replace Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll could choose to step down from coaching after this season.
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No. 4 - Mike Macdonald is ready to be a head coach

I will close this list with two defensive coaches. My assumption is that Pete Carroll might just not be the head coach but could still be an important voice in the Seahawks organization as VP. That means if Carroll feels like a defensive coach could be the zag to the 49ers and Rams' zag, going after a young defensive coordinator might make sense. Macdonald is just 36 years old and has made the Baltimore Ravens into the league's best overall defense in 2023 as Baltimore led the league in fewest points allowed, and was second in fewest yards allowed per play. Baltimore also led the league in takeaways.

Someone very soon is going to make Macdonald a head coach and there is no reason to think he won't be a successful one as he gets his defenses to use multiple fronts and Macdonald is creative in what the defense shows before the snap. Macdonald has the ability to come to Seattle and get the defense to be the Legion of Boom 2.0.

No. 5 - Dan Quinn should come home to Seattle

Quinn might be the favorite among 12s to take over for Carroll. Quinn was the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl years of 2013 and 2014 so the organization is extremely familiar with him. Quinn has likely turned down several opportunities to become a head coach in the last couple of offseasons but coming back to Seattle might interest him.

I have noticed on social media that some 12s say they do not want Quinn as the Seahawks next head coach because he "failed" as the head coach with the Atlanta Falcons from 2015 through most of 2020. This is a bit confusing as Quinn led the Falcons to the playoffs twice and to the Super Bowl once. Sure, Atlanta lost the Super Bowl after having a huge lead, but if the definition of "failure" for a head coach is that they never won a Super Bowl (or a championship) even though they got to a championship game then most of the coaches of any sport everywhere would be considered failures and that is just ridiculous.

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