5 contracts holding Seattle Seahawks back right now

Seattle could create a lot of cap room by re-working or releasing these players.

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Seahawks safeties

Quandre Diggs

2024 cap hit: $21,262,500
2024 dead money: $10,262,500
Cap savings if released: $11,000,000

Seattle might not move on from two of their safeties, but either way, Julian Love needs more reps. How damning is it on Clint Hurtt's former direction of the defense that early in 2023 there were games he did not play Love as much and yet Love made the Pro Bowl anyway. Why? Because Love was excellent when he was on the field.

Diggs, meanwhile, had a down year, his worst since he joined the Seahawks in 2019. He also isn't getting any younger. But that cap savings: $11 million? That is far too much to pass up for a team needing to create cap room even if Diggs had been as good as he was in seasons prior to 2023.

Jamal Adams

2024 cap hit: $26,916,666
2024 dead money: $20,833,334
Cap savings if released pre-June 1: $6,083,332
Cap savings if released post-June 1: $16,500,000

Adams is like Lockett only Lockett is still pretty good. There is little reason for Mike Macdonald to keep Adams around after Adams decided to leave the team in Week 15 - he either went home or stayed home - after being informed he wasn't going to play. That likely doesn't have a happy outcome for the safety on a team led by Macdonald.

The player also did not show again in 2023 that he can be counted on to be consistently healthy. The sad part is that a 2020 version of Adams would probably be a beast on a Macdonald defense. But that was three seasons ago at this point and Seattle gains more by releasing Adams either pre-June or post-June 1 than keeping him on the roster.

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