5 dream scenarios for the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

Seattle Seahawks
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Make the playoffs for a second season in a row

As a team going through a transition phase and hoping to formulate its new identity, plus an increasingly difficult division with the rise of the 49ers and Rams, the Seahawks haven't had the most success in making post-season over the last few years.

Now with a solid answer at quarterback, a potentially explosive offense with two big-time targets, and a defense that should be far better prepared than what we saw last season, it doesn't seem far-fetched to believe the Seahawks could make the playoffs for the second season in a row; the first time they'll have done that since the 2019-2020 seasons.

Other than their own improvements, the division is up for grabs for the first time in what seems like many years.

Because of their incredible success with Brock Purdy last season, who led the team to the NFC Championship in his rookie season, the 49ers are said to be unsettled with their decision to make Trey Lance their starting quarterback. Because that feeling was made public, trade rumors began circulating, with teams reportedly calling San Francisco about the third-year quarterback.

But it appears (for now) they're sticking with Lance, likely because they traded everything but the kitchen sink to select him in the 2021 draft.

The Rams are also dealing with quarterback issues, as reality seems to have brought them back down to earth with Matthew Stafford's stinker of a 2022 season.

And then, of course, there's the Cardinals, who recently released their star receiver DeAndre Hopkins and will go through much of the upcoming season without quarterback Kyler Murray as he recovers from an ACL injury suffered late last year.

With all of this on the table, the Seahawks may very well be the most prepared team in the division to make a good postseason run. If the improvements made continue to look good throughout the summer, there's no reason to believe that making the playoffs is impossible.