5 dream scenarios for the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

Seattle Seahawks
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Ultimate dream: Seattle heads to the Super Bowl

While other dream scenarios seem more achievable, making the Super Bowl may be overly optimistic.

But this is a list of dream scenarios, and who doesn't dream of seeing their team make the Super Bowl (again)?

It obviously would be quite a treacherous path to get there, especially with some heavy hitters developing in the NFC, like the Eagles, Cowboys, and maybe even the 49ers. But is it entirely out of the question for next season?


Perhaps it's called the ultimate dream for that reason. But it doesn't seem like an outlandish goal in the next few years if the team continues to get better and better. The NFL is never the same league as the season before, and those who are favorites during the offseason are not always the best once the season gets going. So it could be a more attainable dream sooner than later.

And you know what they say, anything can happen on any given Sunday!