5 early contenders to be the Seattle Seahawks first-round pick in 2024

Breaking down five players Seattle could take in the first round in 2024 based on positions of need.

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The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2023 season 9-8 and missed the playoffs for the second time in three years. Partly due to that, head coach Pete Carroll was removed from his gig and Seattle is currently looking for his replacement. We know, of course, that Carroll will have zero input in who the Seahawks choose in the 2024 NFL draft so general manager John Schneider will have almost full control over that process for the first time.

This means that Seattle could behave completely differently in this year's draft than in any other. That does not rule out the possibility of Seattle trading back later into the first round to try to pick up a second-round choice. The Seahawks lost their 2024 second-rounder when they traded for defensive lineman Leonard Williams during this season.

In the players that follow, I tried to keep in mind that the Seahawks are currently slated to choose at pick number 16 in 2024. There is no way of knowing, however, which players will rise and fall. The NFL combine will take place from February 29 through March 3 and that will certainly affect how some players are viewed.

Who are the Seahawks top contenders for the team's first selection in the 2024 NFL draft?

Anyone saying, "Oh, that player certainly be around at 16" or "16 is way too high for that player" simply does not know what they speak. Unless the player is Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Marvin Harrison, Jr., any player can go anywhere. But the attempt here was to pick players based on what we currently have.

I also broke down five players by different position groups instead of just five quarterbacks or five defensive linemen. The Seahawks can go so many different ways it seemed better to go by position than player. But here are five players at different positions Seattle might take first if they stick at pick number 16, plus a couple of other options at each spot.