5 easy roster cuts Seahawks could make that would save the team millions in 2024

Seattle currently has negative-cap space entering the offseason.
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Seahawks could cut tight end Will Dissly

Cap savings: $6.97 million

I like Will Dissly as a player but he has become nothing more than a glorified offensive lineman. Maybe that will change with a new head coach in Seattle and a new offensive coordinator. While Dissly was graded as the 15th-best tight end in the league this year, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), much of that is due to his blocking grades. If Dissly were an offensive tackle and had his blocking greats, he'd be an All-Pro, but he isn't an offensive lineman.

Except for his rookie season when Dissly only played four games due to an injury (and he played only six games in his second year so keep that in mind with these statistics), the tight end set a career-low in receptions (17), receiving yards (172), and catch-rate 77.3 percent). Even including his rookie year, Dissly tied his career low for touchdown receptions (1 and that did not come until the last game of the season), and yards per reception. Dissly has a cap hit of $10,070,000 in 2024 and that is far too high to keep him on the roster.

Seahawks could release defensive tackle Bryan Mone

Cap savings: $5.39 million

Seattle will definitely be releasing Mone this offseason. His cap hit is $5,890,000 currently. Due to a knee injury late in 2022, the defensive tackle missed all of this year. That is a shame because Mone is pretty good against the run and Seattle could have used him this year.

The hope is that Mone is finally healthy to play in 2024 and returns to the Seahawks as I think he would be a decent amount of the defensive line rotation on early downs. But he should probably make closer to $1 million until he can prove he is healthy and productive again. Hopefully, that happens with Seattle.