5 Seahawks players to be excited about for the 2024 season

Seattle has several players who could form the core to good teams in the near future.
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Seahawks player to be excited about No. 4

Jaxon Smith-Njigba, wide receiver

Smith-Njigba should be set for a breakout season in 2024. This happens quite a bit for second-year receivers anyway, but specifically with JSN, the Seahawks seem to have had no clue how to use him early in the season. Throw out the targets and receptions as most of those were short passes to the flat or screens. OC Waldron just took his time knowing what to do with the rookie receiver.

Later in the season, Seattle seemed to have a real trio of potentially productive receivers. DK Metcalf had his second-best season in terms of receiving yards, though Tyler Lockett was a bit more inconsistent. Smith-Njigba appears to be the obvious heir to Lockett and should get a lot of Lockett's normal looks in 2024. For the next four years or more, Seattle's top duo should be JSN and Metcalf.

Seahawks player to be excited about No. 5

DK Metcalf, wide receiver

Speaking of Metcalf, his use was inconsistent as well. Maybe some blame Metcalf for that, but how does that explain why he suddenly comes alive late in many games and not early? That probably has little to do with the player and a lot more about which plays are being called. Metcalf wants to get the ball and Geno Smith wants to throw him the ball, but Metcalf's numbers should go up quite a bit higher with a new OC moving forward.

I would expect Metcalf to have his best season next year. His career high in receiving yards is 1,303, in catches it is 90, and in touchdowns it is 12. I can easily imagine Metcalf getting to 1,400 yards, 15 touchdowns, and 100 catches next year with better offensive direction and a different head coaching philosophy. Those numbers are going to be better for the player and help make the team better, too.

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