5 Seattle Seahawks players who likely won't be back in 2024

Seattle faces tough roster decisions this upcoming offseason.
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No. 2 - Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams

Low-hanging fruit here with Jamal Adams. The problem is general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll seemed to hint last week that Adams just needs time to get healthier and should be fine next season when he returns to the Seahawks. Keeping Adams on the team would seem criminal simply from the point that he would be taking up a roster spot from someone potentially a lot more productive.

After missing all of 2022 after Adams suffered a leg injury in Week 1, the hope was that Adams would be able to play for most of this year and make an impact both in terms of quarterback pressures and helping stop the run. Instead, Adams failed to reach double digit games and has missed at least four games in every season since he has been a Seattle (Adams was traded to the Seahawks before the 2020 season). Even when Adams played, he was bad at stopping the run and he failed to get a sack for the third straight season.

Adams has a cap hit of $26,916,666 in 2024 with a dead cap of $20,833,334. While that is a lot of dead cap to eat, releasing Adams would still save Seattle a bit over $6 million. That money (plus a bit more) could go toward enticing a free agent safety, such as Kyle Dugger, to come play for Seattle. Dugger would immediately improve the Seahawks defense as he is great against the run while keeping Adams means at least part of Seattle's defense is going to be bad again in 2024.