5 Seattle Seahawks players who likely won't be back in 2024

Seattle faces tough roster decisions this upcoming offseason.
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No. 4 - Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Leonard Williams

The Seahawks made two mistakes when they traded for Leonard Williams midway through the season. One is that they gave up a second-round pick for a player likely to only be a one-year rental while Seattle watched their rival San Francisco 49ers give up just a third-round choice for Chase Young. The other mistake is that Seattle was not aggressive in trying to work out an extension with Williams.

If Williams not wanting to work out an extension and wanting to be a free agent after season was part of the deal, fine. That is Williams' right and he has been nothing but excellent on and off the field since he came to Seattle. But the team should not have made the move if they didn't know whether Williams would be around past this year. Seattle is still trying to build the overall team and giving up a second round choice for a player who most likely won't be around after this season was a huge error.

The Seahawks don't like to overspend for a player normally nor does John Schneider like getting in a bidding war. Some NFL team is going to crave Williams' services and most likely offer more money than what Seattle is willing to pay for Williams. Plus, currently Seattle doesn't have much cap room for 2024 and might not be able to afford Williams anyway.

Williams has been terrific for Seattle. In nine games, he has 4 sacks, 29 total pressures, 19 run stuffs and has missed only 3 tackles. He is worth bringing back, though Seattle is unlikely to do so.