For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks near win in Week 13

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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The officials may have gotten penalty happy, but...

It was apparent to all watching this Thursday Night matchup that Clete Blakeman and his team were ready to penalize both teams for anything and everything all game long. It became so tiresome that even Al Michaels sarcastically suggested they were done calling the game, and they were handing duties over to the referees as the constant flag-throwing grew exhausting.

The only silver lining of the whole thing is that both teams were flagged for almost identical amounts of times and yards, with the Seahawks just barely beating the Cowboys with ten penalties for 130 yards.

Although they certainly benefitted often from Dallas' nine penalties for 127 yards, making so many mistakes that likely cost the team precious time and costly yardage is unacceptable.

Hopefully, this was just a flukey game with a crew of officials eager to penalize and not something that will continue to be an issue for the Seahawks in the final five games of the season.