For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks near win in Week 13

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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Geno Smith made up for his recent lackluster showings

A lot of criticism has been hurled Geno Smith's way this season, particularly in recent weeks, but his performance against the best defense in the league doesn't warrant much of that this time around.

After a less-than-thrilling outing against the 49ers last week and a mediocre yet almost winnable performance against the Rams the week before, Smith had one of the best showings of the 2023 season against a defense that typically wouldn't allow that to happen.

Smith recorded 23/41 passes for 334 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception. On top of that, he added two carries for six yards and a score on the ground. It becomes his only game with three passing touchdowns this season and his first rushing touchdown as well, proving he was ready to give it his all against a team that deemed them no threat on their home turf.

Other than slinging the football all over the field, his decision-making was much better than we've seen in recent weeks, which in turn allowed him to implement more receivers into the mix and give the offense a better chance at moving down the field.

As they come into the home stretch of the season, Smith must work hard to keep this kind of performance going if Seattle wants any chance of making the postseason and being successful upon getting there.