9 Seattle Seahawks who fell far below expectations in 2023

These players were nine reasons the team underperformed generally this season.
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First-year Seahawk Dre'Mont Jones was pretty much a bust

The most expensive free agent signing of the Pete Carroll era proved to be one of the biggest busts as well. It isn't so much that Jones was awful because he wasn't. But he was paid to be great, and he wasn't close to that, either. He was signed for three years and $51.5 million.

For that investment, the Seahawks received 44 pressures, 40 tackles, and seven stops. Jarran Reed, who cost a whopping $9 million over two years produced 43 pressures, 47 tackles, and very large 35 stops. Mario Edwards, who was signed for popcorn money ($1.3 million for one season), had 22 pressures, 17 tackles, and 13 stops. Note that Edwards had 393 snaps, compared to Jones's 762.

Quandre Diggs had his worst season with the Seahawks

of the less-than-fun things about football is that a player's stats can be quite different in the same year. It all depends on your source. A case in point is Mr. Diggs. According to my usual go-to site, pro-football-reference.com, Diggs allowed 23 of 36 targets for 360 yards and two touchdowns. But Pro Football Focus (the paywall guys) tagged Diggs with 20 of 28 targets for 247 yards and one score. The former resulted in a passer rating allowed of 103.9, the latter, 95.4.

No matter which site you trust, it was a bad year for the Seahawks' free safety, easily his worst in Seattle. He missed 13 tackles, or maybe 20. Either way, it was his worst in Seattle. His interceptions dropped from 4 last year to just one in 2023. Wow, an actual agreement. Regardless, he woefully underperformed for a three-year, $39 million contract.