Adam Schefter has a ridiculous comment about the Seahawks adding Sam Howell

Seattle traded for Washington's quarterback on Thursday.

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The Seattle Seahawks made a trade with the Washington Commanders on Thursday where Seattle would add quarterback Sam Howell and a fourth-round choice, and sixth-round choice in return for one of Seattle's third-round choices and as well as a 2024 fifth-round pick. Seattle now has one pick in the first round, one in the third, two in the fourth, two in the sixth, and one in the seventh. Oh, and they also now have a backup quarterback.

Seattle has lost the backup from the previous two seasons, Drew Lock, this offseason after Lock signed with the New York Giants for one year and $5 million. Had Lock come back, he would have been the backup to Geno Smith. Smith will be the starter for the Seahawks in 2024 and will be paid like one. He has done nothing to be supplanted from his QB1 spot.

Howell, however, was the Washington Commanders starter in 2023 and threw 21 touchdown passes but also 21 interceptions. His total QBR was 25th in the league (Smith's was 15th) and Howell was 29th in simple quarterback rating. Washington signed Marcus Mariota this week and he might have backed up Howell, but Washington also holds the number two pick in the 2024 NFL draft and is almost certain to take a player who would become the team's long-term quarterback.

One might doubt Adam Schefter's knowledge of Seattle Seahawks football

In other words, everyone - the Commanders, Sam Howell, the Seahawks - knew before Seattle and Washington worked out the trade that Howell was eventually going to become a backup quarterback again, like early in 2024 to whomever Washington took at number two. What value does Howell hold that he wouldn't be worth starting in Washington but would be worth beating out Geno Smith as QB1 in Seattle? None. The opposite thought doesn't even make sense.

Well, it shouldn't make sense, but it might to ESPN's Adam Schefter. In Schefter's tweet about the trade, he wrote, "Howell can compete with Geno Smith for the Seahawks starting QB job." No, Mr. Schefter, he cannot. And the fact that Schefter thinks that is a possibility might make one doubt Schefter's understanding of Seahawks football.

Howell is going to be a less expensive backup (compared to Drew Lock) to Geno Smith. Lock wasn't going to truly compete with Smith for the starting quarterback spot so why would Howell? The lesson here, kids, is before you tweet, think about what you are writing.

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